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SOMT University of Physiotherapy aims to educate all physiotherapists and medical experts in the Netherlands as specialists in the field of human movement. By combining Applied Sciences and Higher Academic education with research and expertise, we have become the starting point of sustainable, responsible high-level care. SOMT is a full-fledged interlocutor within a multidisciplinary and academic setting.


Education, Research and Expertise Center

SOMT University of Physiotherapy is an expertise center that offers a powerful and challenging blended learning experience to physiotherapists. Development-focused physiotherapists are stimulated to find the best and directly applicable solution in uncertain and complex situations within their respective fields, both in solo and collaborative projects, through objective (self)criticism and a questioning attitude. Here, science and practice go hand in hand. Keeping the students’ (study)habits in mind, SOMT University of Physiotherapy’s active schooling offers physiotherapists the challenge to rise above themselves. This process of individual growth is safeguarded through continuous testing, as well as adjustments wherever necessary.


At SOMT University of Physiotherapy, physiotherapists familiarize themselves with describing and analyzing health issues from a bio-psycho-social perspective on health and illness, against a continuously changing background of scientific, societal and technological developments. With innovative competency- and practice-focused education, physiotherapists develop a high level of rational, evidence-based clinical reasoning and decision making, in which they are coached by professors with extensive academic backgrounds and practical experiences.


SOMT University of Physiotherapy’s education (Applied Sciences, Undergraduate & Graduate programs) strives towards excellence within the current assessment frameworks. Students and their employers, professors, the professional field, health insurers, and above all clients/patients can be assured of the absolute highest quality of education.