Astrid Vereijken - Researcher | PhD candidate @ SOMT University of Physiotherapy

Astrid Vereijken

Researcher | PhD candidate

  • Sports Physiotherapy

Astrid Vereijken MSc

Only half of athletes suffering from a lower-extremity injury return to their previous level after rehabilitation. Astrid Vereijken was one of those athletes who unfortunately couldn’t return to her previous track in gymnastics after her Achilles tendon rupture. In her role as sports physiotherapist and researcher, she researches which factors could possibly ameliorate an athlete’s chances of returning to their original level. This research began in 2019 in collaboration with SOMT University of Physiotherapy, Annatommie MC and the Vrije Universiteit Brussels, as the return to their pre-injury sports level is vital to any injured athlete. Astrid also works as the SOMT’s MSc Sports Physiotherapy coordinator.

In her spare time she enjoys running, spinning, cycling and mountain biking, and she challenges herself every year. Her most memorable experiences include the New York marathon, Berlin marathon and climbing the Stevio and Tourmalet.


Peer reviewed publicaties:

Publicaties in tijdschriften:

  • Vereijken A, Aerts I. Performance- en krachttesten in de praktijk. Vergelijken van aangedane met niet-aangedane zijde. Sportgericht. 2018;4:32-35.

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